New Loan App Unnati - Quick Personal Loan Online Upto Rs 3 Lakh/Unnati Quick Personal Loan Online Upto Rs. 3 Lakh/New Loan App 2021/Instant & Quick Loan

New Loan App Unnati - Quick Personal Loan Online Upto Rs 3 Lakh/Unnati Quick Personal Loan Online Upto Rs. 3 Lakh/New Loan App 2021/Instant & Quick Loan

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Personal loan is an unsecured type of loan granted to an individual on the basis of his credit eligibility. This type of loan can be availed to address emergency financial situations like wedding expenses, debt consolidation, hefty medical bills, home renovation, buying a gadget, purchasing new vehicle and others. Unlike secured loans, a personal loan has a shorter repayment tenure ranging from 12 months-60 months and is offered without any collateral.

With Unnati, salaried professionals in India can avail loan up to Rs. 2 lakhs at EMI as low as Rs. 2500/lakh. Unnati is one of the trusted fintech companies in India offering instant access to low interest personal loans. The interest rates offered by Upwards depends on the credit applicant’s credit profile and eligibility.

💰 Unnati is the light web version of Upwards with only 8MB size, designed for grassroots 'Bharat' economy. We are India’s quickest personal loan provider for salaried individuals looking for loans upto Rs.3,00,000 over a 2 year tenure. Minimum monthly salary required is Rs 10,000💰

💰 Unnati Key Points:

- Loan Amount: Rs 20,000 - Rs 3,00,000

- Loan Tenure (Minimum to Maximum): 3 - 24 months

- Annual Interest Rate, APR (Minimum to Maximum): 16% - 34%; Maximum APR: 34%

- Processing Fee: 2.5 - 5% of loan amount

👉 Unnati Personal Loan Terms

With Unnati, a personal loan of Rs. 50,000 for 9 months at an interest rate of 22% and a 3% processing fee will attract EMI of Rs. 6077. This means you will have to pay total interest of Rs. 4694 i.e. 9.4% of the loan amount and Rs. 1500 processing fee.

💥 Unnati % Sample APR Calculation:

- For a loan of Rs. 100,000 at 20% interest rate per annum for tenure of 12 months, one time processing fee (say @2% of loan amount) will be Rs. 2000 and monthly EMI will be Rs. 9263/-.

- The net amount credited to you will be Rs 98,000 (post processing fee deduction) and cumulative amount paid back by you will be Rs 1,11,161/- (=Rs 9263 x 12 EMIs), leading to an APR of 24%

📝 Unnati Prominent Disclosures:

- All loans are provided via RBI registered NBFC - 'Upwards Capital Pvt Ltd' and our other RBI registered co-lending partners (More details here

a. RBI License:

b. Co-lending partner details,

- Unnati do not provide any pay-day loans or loans with less than 90 day repayment period in accordance with Google Policy.

- Unnati provide full disclosure about our usage of any customer data and permissions at various points in our app (Sample app user journey here, privacy policy here


🎯 Why Unnati - Quick Personal Loans?

✔️ Quick approvals and disbursal (max 24 - 48 hours)

✔️ No physical paperwork - everything from the mobile app.

✔️ Only PAN, bank statement and salary slips required.

✔️ Prompt customer support

✔️ Low interest rate & foreclosure charges

✔️ No collateral

✔️ Online EMI calculator: Calculate EMI for your loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure

✔️ Small App Size: Our new app is a web-light version with only 8MB size vs. Upwards app which is 20MB in size.

🔐 Unnati Security & Protection of Privacy:

- Protection of your privacy and your data security is a top priority. Our technology complies with mandated security standards & robust protocols which have been tested and certified.

- We are also CISA compliant as per RBI norms:

👍 Unnati Loan Eligibility:

- Salary > Rs.10,000/month

- Age: 22 - 55 years

- CIBIL: NTC or >= 625

👍 Unnati Documents Required for Salaried Individuals

Ensure you have the following original documents and self-attested digital copies on hand for a seamless personal loan application process:

1. PAN Card

2. Aadhar Card

3. Salary Slips (Last 3 months)

4. Bank Statements (Last 3 months)

🏠 Quick Personal Loan Available In Cities:

- Mumbai, Pune

- Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

- Bengaluru, Mysuru

- Chennai, Coimbatore

- Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Ranga Reddy

- Ahmedabad, Surat

- Jaipur, Indore

- 50+ more cities

🤝 Unnati's Quick Personal Loans Are For:

- Home construction & renovation

- Family functions & weddings

- Paying off other loans & credit card bills

- Education fee financing

- Travel

- Medical emergency

📲  How does Unnati work?

- Download and login

- Fill in your loan requirements and employment info

- Upload your KYC, AADHAAR, PAN and photo

- Approval will be communicated within 24-48 hours

- After that, we will process the loan agreement and you will get loan amount

- That's it! You need to pay your EMIs on the due dates once the loan is disbursed.

✔️ Loan Approval Criteria:

- Income-to-Expense ratio

- Demographics (Age, Marital status, Education etc.)

- Professional experience (tenure with the employer, job stability, total work-ex etc.)

- Purpose of your loan and its authenticity


Reach Us Adress below:

                   501-A Pinnacle Corporate Park,

                   BKC Bandra (East), 

                   Vill Kole Kalyan,

                   Near Trade Centre,

                   Mumbai - 400051

💬 Unnati  Email Us: 

Send us email if you have any query

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