Credy instant Emergency instant personal loan approval quick up to Rs. 1 Lakh with Aadhar Card & Pan Card

Credy Loans Emergency instant approval and quick loan up to Rs. 1 Lakh with Aadhar Card & Pan Card

Credy is a customer focused financing partner for emerging Indians. Our innovative technology powered financing solutions help multiple needs of our customers ranging from debt consolidation to educational needs to emergencies. We want to make sure that all creditworthy customers get fast, reliable and affordable loan options for all their life needs - along with great customer service.

Credy Personal Loans Personalized Experience

  Low CIBIL Allowed

  Money in 24 Hours

  Rates from 1% pm

  Fast, Reliable Service

The Best Credy Instant Personal Loan App For All Your Needs

Quick financing for all your online personal loan needs.

From instant personal loans, education loans, credit card refinancing, low cibil loan to emergency loans - Credy have customised our solutions for all your requirements. Loan duration is from 3 to 12 months and amount up to Rs 1 Lakh.

Credy personal Loan Eligibility

Minimum Monthly Salary Rs. 21,000

Living in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai.


Instant Approval

Money in ~24 Hours

Credy For You

Fast, Online & Easy

Credy personal Customized Loans

>> Great Customer Service

>> Loan Terms

>> Loans up to Rs. 1 Lakh.

>> Loan Duration: 3 to 12 months.

>> Annualized Interest: 12% to 22% of Loan Amount.

Credy Processing Fees: 3% of Loan Amount (taxes extra).

eg: Loan of Rs 50,000 for a duration of 9 months at 22% reducing interest rate and 3% processing fee will have a monthly EMI of Rs. 6077 and total interest will be Rs 4694 (9.4% of Loan Amount). Processing fee would be Rs 1500 (taxes extra).

Credy Fast, Reliable and Affordable

1. Credy Fast Disbursal

Instant approval Get money in 24 hours

Instant approval in 1 min. Detailed terms in 3 hours. Money in account in 24 hours. Enjoy benefits of a fast online process of our online loan services. We offer a fast customer service with low response times.

2. Credy  Transparent Rates

Interest rates starting from 1% pm No hidden charges

We have an efficient and fast online process, which reduces costs compared to banks. Most of our customers pay only about Rs 400 as interest per month on a loan of Rs 50,000. Details of fees and interest rates are shared in easy to understand terms.

3. Credy  Offers & More

Prompt Service Easy tracking via Mobile App

We will help you with your ongoing financial needs. Pay on time and apply for top-up loans. Get referral, early payment and sharing bonuses.

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4. Credy  Great Customer Support

Prompt Service Easy tracking via Mobile App

We offer a fast and helpful customer service experience. Use website, IVR and mobile app for any help you need regarding loan application or repayments.

Credy Loan Type of credy:

1. Credy  Refinance Credit Card Bill

Have a large credit card bill? Convert your bill into easy EMIs using our quick personal loan services. Pay at your convenience. Combine multiple credit card bills and just pay one bill!

    Credit card refinancing

    Repay credit card debt

    Save on credit card interest cost

    Improve credit score

    Consolidate multiple cards & loans

2. Credy  Education Expenses

Good education is important, but it is also costly. Convert large school, college or coaching fees into EMIs. Renew EMI option when needed.

    School fees financing

    Tuition fees loan

    Partnerships with schools, coaching classes

    Payment options customised to your educational institute

    EMI options for own self or kids

3. Credy Advance Salary

Need money before salary day? Take a quick loan online using our instant loan app and pay back when your salary is credited.

    Instant loan approval

    Fast disbursal, money in 24 hours

    For urgent requirements

    Get amount more than monthly salary

    Repay over 9 - 12 months

4. Credy Loans for Emergency

Get instant approval and quick disbursal for emergencies like medical treatment, surgeries or any other urgent needs.

    Instant approval

    Fast disbursal, money in 24 hours

    For emergencies

    Repay over 1 - 9 months

    Helpful customer support

Credy's Instant Personal Loan Online - Application Process

Credy provides instant personal loans online in India, personalized to your specific use case at very competitive interest rates and with great customer service. The loan application process is completely paperless and online. You can apply for the loan by filling the online loan application form.

1. Instant Loan: Get to know if you are eligible for a loan instantly, as soon as you finish the instant loan application. This step is completely free, you can check your eligibility without incurring any cost.

2. Employment Details: Once you know that you are eligible for a loan, then you have to provide basic details about your current company, current experience, and your work email.

3. Personal Details: Provide your PAN card number, date of birth and address.

Six-month bank statement: Provide your six-month bank statement by either logging into your net banking or by downloading and uploading your six-month bank statements. It is recommended that you upload the bank statement by doing a net banking login, it is a completely secure and hassle-free process.

Just providing these details finishes your loan application. There are no other documents required for the loan application. Credit officers at Credy will review your application and you will get communication from Credy once your loan is approved. This communication will contain all the important loan terms. You will also need to provide your bank account details (your bank account number and the IFSC code of your bank account) so that the loan can be disbursed to your bank account via IMPS.

Before disbursal of the loan, our executive will visit your house to provide you with doorstep service. The executive will collect basic documents for identity and address proof during the visit.

Instant Loan Application

This step asks for basic questions about you and your financial health. You need to provide the following to finish this step. You should always provide accurate information about all the questions to ensure hassle-free processing of your loan

OneFin is a suite of financial technology tools that your business can benefit from. Be it loan aggregation, DSA loan partnership, bulk payouts, salary transfers, collections, accounting & reconciliation - they have technologies that make all this happen at a click of a button so that you can spend more time on what you are best at - running your business.

1. Monthly take home salary: This is the salary amount which you get in your salary account every month from your company.

2. Employment status: Please tell us if you are salaried, self-employed as a professional or a self-employed business owner or unemployed. Currently, we are giving loans only to salaried individuals. However, you can still do the application, when we launch the Credy loan services for non-salaried individuals, we will contact you.

3. How you get your salary: Please tell us how you get your salary? Is it via direct money transfer to your bank account? Or via cheque or cash. Currently, we are giving loans to people who are getting their salary via the bank account only.

4. Current EMI: This is the current EMI which you are currently paying for any of the existing loans you have.

5. Credit Score: Your credit score is a score provided to you by the credit bureaus. If you do not know your credit score, you should enter 300 here. Know more about credit score here.

6. Reason for loan: Please tell us the reason for your loan. This will help us give you the best possible offer customized for your use case. If your use case is not listed in the dropdown, then you can select “Others” and provide us with the reason in the comment section, which will show up on selecting the “Others” option.

7. Loan amount required: Please tell us the loan amount which you require. We will give our offer to you based on this.

8. Current residence type: Please tell us the type of your current residence. This must be of the place you are currently residing in. If the house you are currently living in is owned by you, you can choose “Owned by Self”, if that house is owned by your parents, you can choose “Owned by Parents”, if you live in a rented house, with your family, you can choose “Rented by Family”, if you live in a rented house alone, you can choose “Rented Alone”, if you live with your friends in the house, you can choose “Rented with Friends”, if you live as paying guest in your current residence, you can choose “Paying Guest”, if you live in a hostel, choose “Hostel”, if you live in quarters provided by your office, choose “Office Quarters”.

9. Current Address proof type: Please tell us any address proof of the current address you have. Note that having an address proof is mandatory for getting a loan. The address which you provide must be present on the address proof. These are typically any of the identity proofs which you get from government institutions. Some of the possible address proofs are:

10. Voter Id Card

Valid utility Bill: This could be any of telephone bill, water bill or electricity bill. You should be having a recent address proof.

11. Bank document: If your bank provides you with an e-statement on your email or you can download it from your net banking portal, then that is a valid address proof. If the passbook provided by your bank has your address on it, then that can also serve as your current address proof.

12. Driving License: Note that this must be a full driving license and not a learners license.

Life Insurance Document: A receipt of your payment of life insurance premium to your insurance provider or your life insurance policy itself can serve as an address proof too.

13. Tax payment receipts: If you have paid municipality tax or corporation water tax recently, and have a receipt for the same, that can serve as address proof for you.

14. Gas Receipt: If you get gas cylinders for your family, you will have the receipt from your gas provider company. This receipt can be used as address proof.

15. Registered sale deed or agreement

16. Ration Card

Government allotment letter: If your residence is a residence provided by the government, the allotment letter of your residence to you would serve as an address proof.

17. Aadhaar Card

18. Rental agreement

19. PG Receipt: If you live as a paying guest, you would have a bill from your PG, which would serve as an address proof.

20. Pincode: This is the current pin code in which you are residing.

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