How to Active Flipkart Pay Later Loan Quick just in 3 minute/Apply flipkart PayLater Loan/Best Flipkart Axis bank credit card

How to Active Flipkart Pay Later Loan Quick just in 3 minute

                 Everybody loves shopping, and everybody loves shopping on Flipkart. But, scrambling for cash for COD purchase or getting out your debit or credit cards for online payments and typing in OTPs every time you make a purchase can be a hassle. If only there was a simpler way to make all this easier. Well, now, there is.

           Flipkart Pay Later is an easy way for anyone to avoid the inconvenience during the checkout process. You can now buy your products, experience using them, and the pay for them before the 5th of the next month with zero additional charges. Tracking your bills is also made easy as with Flipkart Pay Later, you can bunch up payments and clear them all at once. As one doesn’t have to worry about these extra steps for every single purchase, it becomes much easier for anyone to shop on Flipkart. 

             With the Shop Now Pay Later option, you don’t have to miss out on great deals just because you’re short on funds this month. Flipkart Pay Later gives you the freedom to shop what you want in a quick, simple, and convenient way without any hassle. With that being said, having a light wallet at the end of the month doesn’t stop you from shopping till your heart’s content anymore. Happy shopping!


Flipkart Pay Later is a customer-centric innovation from Flipkart that’s focused on affordability and convenience while shopping online. Pay Later offers you credit of upto Rs 5000 to shop all your favorites on Flipkart through the month. Convenience here means getting a single bill for all your purchases, quick one-click checkout, and paying your bill next month.


Are you someone who’s not fond of scrambling for cash while a Flipkart Wishmaster waits at your door? Don’t have the time to key in 2-factor authentication codes while using your debit or credit cards for payment? Flipkart Pay Later is tailor-made for you. It makes the shopping experience convenient and oh-so-simple! Make your purchase, receive your delivery, and use the product. Then, you can come around to making the payment next month.


When you use the Flipkart Pay Later option, here’s what you stand to gain.

Pay when you are ready: You have the option to make your payment at the end of the month, just as you would settle a standing account with your neighborhood grocer. By default, the payment due date is the 5th of the next month. Of course, you can always clear the due amount whenever you have the time, the money and a good internet connection.

Try, then buy: Instead of paying for the product upfront, you have the option to receive the product, try it out and then make the payment.

Club transactions: Did you buy a car mobile charger, a wallet and a pair of sunglasses from Flipkart in one month? No problem. When you opt for this payment option, you can conveniently make the payment for all three orders in one go.

Speedy payment: When you make your payment, you don’t have to go through several steps to complete the payment. Enjoy one-click payment on the transaction.

Always there for you: When you choose Flipkart Pay Later as your payment option, you can be assured of near-100% success rate.

Flipkart Pay Later is a cashless, paperless facility, with a nominal usage fee of ₹10 charged on bill amounts of more than ₹1,000. Simple and convenient, the payment option also offers instant refund when you cancel your order or return a product. You can repay using any mode of online payment, including credit cards.


Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:

1. Check your Flipkart Pay Later statement where your due date will be visible.

2. Click on Pay Bill.

3. Choose mode of payment.

4. And that’s it! You’re done.

And don’t worry about forgetting. Flipkart will send you gentle reminders via SMS, email and push notifications to help you clear your dues on time. What’s more, you can also avail the benefits of Pay Later while shopping on Myntra.

So, whether it is a brand new smartphone, the latest trends, or a set of pans for the kitchen — no matter what you want to buy from Flipkart — you can shop conveniently with Flipkart Pay Later! 

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