Freecharge PayLater Active / know about Freecharge fees and hidden charges details / Freecharge Pay Later kaise eligible hoga/ New tricks to get Paylater loan in freecharge

Freecharge PayLater  Active / know about Freecharge fees and hidden charges details / Freecharge Pay Later kaise eligible hoga/New tricks to get Paylater loan in freecharge

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Freecharge Pay Later is a monthly credit facility of upto Rs. 5,000 that is available for select registered users of Freecharge. This provides a seamless one click payment experience to make purchases/payments on Freecharge or its merchants/partners and repay the dues with upto 30 days of credit period. This credit facility is extended by our lending partner- Axis bank.

What is the due date for Freecharge Pay Later?

Freecharge Pay Later bill will be generated and due on the 5th of every month.

Is there any restriction on usage of Freecharge Pay Later?

Freecharge Pay Later can not be used to purchase Gold, Deals, Gift Cards, Mutual Funds. Freecharge Pay Later balance is non- transferable and can not be withdrawn in bank account. Freecharge Pay Later balance can not be used to add money in your Freecharge wallet. Also, the transaction amount cannot exceed Rs. 2000 if full or partial payment is being made using Freecharge Pay Later.

What is the billing cycle for Freecharge Pay Later?

There is a single monthly billing cycle starting from the 5th of every month and ending on the 4th of following month.

Will I be charged Interest on FreeRecharge Paylater?

Yes, interest will be charged by Axis Bank on only the amount used from the Freecharge Pay Later balance and the applicable interest amount will be included in the total due amount. However, on successful repayment of Freecharge Pay Later dues, the equivalent interest amount will be credited as cashback by Freecharge in the Freecharge Wallet of the customer. The rate of interest will be communcated to the customer in the final terms post generation of Freecharge Pay Later offer. 

Please note: Amount added as cashback/promotional offers/vouchers cannot be withdrawn to your bank account.

Where can I check my approved Freecharge Pay Later balance?

Your approved Freecharge Pay Later balance along with your monthly billing cycle details, due date, transaction and repayment history can be accessed from your Freecharge Pay Later dashboard. Click on the Pay Later tile on the Home page of the Android App to access the dashboard.

Can anyone apply for Freecharge Pay Later?

Freecharge Pay Later is an invite-only product for select Freecharge customers. You will be notified if you are eligible to apply. Please transact on Freecharge App regularly to increase your chances of qualifying for Freecharge Pay Later.

How will refunds be processed for Freecharge Pay Later?

Refunds from merchants for payments made using Freecharge Pay Later, which are received during a billing cycle shall be adjusted in the due amount. However, if the refund is received after the end of the billing cycle, the amount will be credited to the customer’s Freecharge wallet.

freecharge paylater processing charges?

There is no processing fee but a small interest is levied on usage. However, the interest will be credited back to the customer's Freecharge wallet in the form of a 'Cashback' on the repayment of the Pay Later bill at the end of the month, the company said.

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