Cashbook: Apply CashBook Instant Personal Loan platform starting from ₹ 3,000 up to ₹ 30,000 With AADHAR + PAN All India

Cashbook: Apply CashBook Instant Personal Loan platform starting from ₹ 3,000 up to ₹ 30,000 With AADHAR + PAN All India 

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 Instant Personal Loan With CashBook

                 Cashbook is an Instant Personal Loan platform for professionals developed by PINO TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE Limited where they can apply for a short-term personal loan starting from ₹ 3,000 up to ₹ 5,000 as per their requirement. We aim to become the first choice for young professionals when it comes to quick and convenient Personal Loans. The application process is completely online, and upon approval, the cash is immediately transferred to the bank account of the user. We understand that when you're in urgent need of funds, long waiting times can be very frustrating, so we eliminated that completely.

                    As an internet platform, we host multiple non-banking financial companies including Enterslice Services Private Limited and Apollo Services Private Limited to lend to the customers of CashMama. Enterslice and Apollo are both NBFC registered with RBI and PINO TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE Limited which owns the brand Cashbook. Onoin Credit is started by a group of individuals from prestigious institutions such as IIT, IIM, and NUS among others, to solve the issue of easy credit among young professionals in India. The founding team feels that the Indian demography has a large population of urban young adults that spends a lot online and offline. For such an enormous ecosystem, the need for urgent personal finance for purchase requirements is highly under-served. An appropriate focus towards tech-based credit evaluation can not only help this demographic segment in a big way, but also fuel the Indian economy by encouraging responsible spending behavior among individuals.

Even if you haven't taken a loan before, or don't have a credit card, you can still avail loans with Cashbook. We offer loans in varying ticket sizes and repayment tenures, to suit all your unpredictable financial needs. Most of the time, these come up without a warning and can be anything, like a sudden medical emergency, festival shopping, paying your EMIs/bills, etc. Even if it's something you want for yourself, like a vacation, booking concert tickets or shopping online, we don't believe that you must compromise of them just because you have very little or no money. That's where we come in!

Cadshbook is a one stop shop for all your financial needs. You can get Instant Personal Loans.

Loan Amount:
            from Rs 3000 to Rs 30000

Low interest rates: 

             Annualized rates, up to 35.6% and as low as 0%.

Loan period:
              91 days(minimum)-366 days(Maximum)

             18% of Processing Fee

Processing Fee: 
              Range from Rs 54 ~ Rs 540 for one-time charge

For example, if the loan amount is 5,000 rupees, the annualized interest rate is 30%, and the period is 91 days. After deducting the service fee, the interest payable is as follows: 5000*30%/365*91=375 rupees. the total amount due would be Rs 5375.

CashBook Loan Eligibility:
1. Indian citizen
2. 18-50 years old
3. Source of a monthly income.

How to Apply for a Cashbook Loan:
1. Download the Cashbook App & enter your mobile number.

2. Enter Loan Amount, PAN and personal details
3. Instant Approval & Disbursal of Loan Amount

If you have any questions about using Cashbook, please contact our online staff for assistance.
Working Hours:
            9 am to 18 pm (Monday to Friday)
            Essae Vaishnavi Summit,
            No. 6/B, 7th Main, 
            80 Feet Rd, 3rd Block, 
            Koramangala, Bengaluru,
            Karnataka 56003


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