InstaRupee Loan: Apply Online Now and Get Instant e-Approval* Personal Loan Rs.5,000 to 20,000 With InstaRupee App

Personal Loan- Apply Online Now and Get Instant e-Approval* Loan  Rs.5,000 to 20,000 With InstaRupee App

InstaRupee loan in all India

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InstaRupee personal loan

            InstaRupee is an Instant Loan App & Credit Platform for Indian users, you can apply cash loan with low interest rates here.

                     InstaRupee provides personal cash loans with low interest rates, making it easy for you to get instant loans for emergency use anytime, anywhere. Register in minutes, apply for a cash loan, and then receive money directly from your bank account. This is a fast, convenient and reliable way to obtain credit when needed. Loan applications are safe and confidential. Aadhaar and PAN card are required.

InstaRupee is a leading instant online personal loan app provider because:

1. 100% online loan application process.
2. Instant Personal Loan Online.
3. Affordable and low-interest rates.
4. High loan approval rate.
5. Loan application is secure and confidential.

InstaRupee Product Information:

1. High loan amount: 
               apply online, up to rs.20000 .

2. Low interest rates :
              Annualized rates, up to 30% and as low as 20%
3. Loan term: 
               You can choose a different term by yourself, from 91 days to 120 days 
4. Short processing time: 
                Fast approval and cash withdrawal within minutes!
5. 24x7 access to loans.

Requirement of InstaRupee:

1. Age requirement must be above 18+ years old.
2. You must be a citizen of India.
3. Aadhaar and Pan card.

For example: 
          If the loan amount is ₹5000 and the interest rate is 29% per annum with the tenure of 91 days, the interest payable is as follows :
Interest = ₹ 5000 * 29% / 365 * 91 = ₹ 361.
You must pay ₹ 5000 + ₹ 361= ₹ 5361

How it works

1. Download InstaRupee App from Google Play.
2. Sign Up and Login with Phone Number.
4. Complete basic information and upload KYC documents.
5. Verify information and Credit risk profile.
6. Select the loan amount and for how long you want to lend.
7. Get money in your Bank Account.
8. Repay anytime before the due date.

Security & Protection of Privacy of InstaRupee

   Data security & users‘ privacy is the top priority at Instarupee team . Our backend APIs comply with mandated security standards and robust protocols which have been tested and certified. We do not collect, read or store your personal information. The APP requires the following permissions to function properly: SMS, Location, Contacts, Camera

If you have any questions while using InstaRupee,
please send e-mail to us Mail:

InstaRupee Company Address :
             5th floor, 809A, 
             Udyog VIhar, Phase 5,
             Haryana, -122016.

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