Without income proof or salary Get 1 Lakh Instant Personal Loan Online App - LazyPay

Without income proof or salary Get 1 Lakh Instant Personal Loan Online App - LazyPay

Application Link :https://play.google.com

India’s first online loan providers, LazyPay offers its users a limit of up to Rs. 1 lakh! Get approved for an instant personal loan at zero collateral. You can borrow as low as Rs. 10,000 from your limit, at personal loan interest rates ranging from 15% to 32% per annum for 3 to 24 months and use it freely for travel, family functions, electronics, medical expenses & more!

EMI Calculation: 
For a loan amount of Rs. 10,000 availed for 6 months, at an interest rate of 18%* per annum, the EMI will be around Rs. 1755. We will charge a processing fee of Rs. 200 on the loan amount.
* Interest rate varies

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With over 1.5 million+ active users, LazyPay has been able to meet the daily needs for credit across India. Completely digitally driven, with an easy application process and no bank visits; you get access to funds for all the things you’ve been saving up for with easy personal loans! 

Every user who need personal loan can check their eligibility in minutes with no commitment, apply for a credit limit & use it in the form of a personal loan, for interest-free shopping on different apps & websites or to convert large purchases into Instant EMIs at affordable interest rates. 

Understanding your LazyPay Credit Limit
- Signing up for LazyPay is simple, in just 3 steps! 
- Once you’ve completed your personal loan online apply setup, you get a unique Credit Limit on your instant loan app, which you can use freely for any personal need.

LazyPay Personal Loans
With quick approvals & secure online processing, getting a personal loan via LazyPay is super convenient! Keep your documents handy, to complete sign up using the instant loan app. 

Required Documents:
What Documents do I need for Personal Loan application?
Keep these documents handy to speed up the sign-up process for instant personal loan
1. Identity proof 
2. Address proof 
3. Bank Details
4. Selfie
5. Photo of your signature

3 Step Application Process:
How do I apply for a LazyPay Personal Loan?
We’ve made it super easy for you, instant personal loan application in just 3 steps:

1. Quick Sign-up in App - Using mobile number & PAN you can check your limit in seconds
2. Complete Application - Keep your documents handy to complete the process
3. Get Your Money - Now you can withdraw up to Rs. 1 lakh as instant personal loan online 

Experience the LazyPay Advantage
1. Easy Digital Sign-up - Check your eligibility for a limit in minutes, with just a few details
2. Credit Available On The Go - Get up to Rs. 1 lakh online loan on set-up & use freely anytime, anywhere!
3. Secure Process - We maintain the highest level of security, rest assured all your information is safe with us
4. Minimal Documentation - With just your PAN, Aadhaar & photograph; you can get access to funds 

5. Credit Available for A Lifetime - When you make timely repayments, your credit is once again available to use for all the things on your wish-list!

LazyPay Cardless EMIs
LazyPay also offers a Cardless EMI facility using which you can shop online. With a convenient payback period and affordable interest rates, you can convert all their high-value purchases into pocket-friendly EMIs!

Interest-free shopping via LazyPay
Pay in one go using LazyPay! Available as a checkout option on 100+ apps & websites - you can select ‘Pay Later via LazyPay’ and pay in One Tap!

You will receive a consolidated bill (of all your purchases during the period) on the 1st and 16th of every month, and you can choose any convenient payment mode to pay us back. 

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