EMI-Intent Personal Loan All In India/Without Income proof Loan/Easy Loan for Self Employee & Low Salaried Employee

0% EMI Intent Personal Loan All In India/Without Income proof Loan/Easy Loan for Self Employee & Low Salaried Employee

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              KreditBee is an Instant Personal Loan and Credit Platform for Young Professionals, where one can apply for Personal Loan Online and avail upto ₹ 1 Lakh as Direct Cash Transfer to Bank Account as per their requirement. The interest rate ranges from 24% per annum to 36% per annum, which translates to 2% - 3% Per Month only. The repayment tenure for Personal Loan ranges between 3 months to 6 months. The documentation is very minimal & the entire process starting from registration to cash disbursement does not take more than 15 minutes. The application process is 100% online, and on approval, the cash is immediately transferred to the bank account of the user. 

Required Documents:

The minimum documents required to avail Instant Personal Loan Online are your 1. Address Proof (either of Aadhaar/Voter ID/Passport) and
2. Identity Proof (PAN ID). In some cases, your basic workplace details such as your Company Name, a picture of your Office ID Card, Workplace E-mail ID etc. might be required.

Personal Loan processed by a Bank usually takes a lot of time, effort and documentation, accompanies by frequent visits to the branch office. However, the KreditBee Personal Loan process is entirely, and takes hardly 10-15 minutes to be processed depending on your eligibility. The fulfillment is done as Online Cash Transfer to your Bank Account, which can be used anywhere by you as per your convenience. 


Any Indian individual who is above the age of 18 years, and has a monthly source of income.


1. 100% Online Process
2. Minimal Documentation
3. Quick Approval
4. Immediate Bank Transfer

How it works?

1. Install the KreditBee app from the Play Store by clicking 'Install' above.
2. Register yourself through your Facebook or Google profile.
3. Fill in your basic details to check your eligibility. This process hardly takes 2-3 minutes. (Sometimes, this might take up to 24 hours in case there is some manual check that is required. In such cases, you shall receive a call from KreditBee within 1 working day of application). 
4. Once eligible, upload your Address Proof (either of Aadhaar/Voter ID/Passport) and Identity Proof (PAN ID), and fill in a few more details about yourself. Once done, the profile will be auto-verified depending on the validity and quality of the documents uploaded.
5. Avail Instant Personal Loan Online from KreditBee. The Cash is directly credited into your Bank Account within 15 minutes.


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